Wednesday, May 16, 2007

People and Cars

I think people are a lot like cars, in many ways. Not just in size or shape but speed. Now hear me out on this one because I think this blog entry has got to be my most insightful. I think if you just keep an open mind on this one you'll have to agree.

So here it is...

People are a lot like cars because the faster you drive them the shorter their life span.

Brilliant isn't it?

I was watching the show When Stunts Go Bad DirectTV the other day.

It's crazy to see all the kinds of stuff people do to end their lives early. Tightrope walking between buildings in 35 mph winds, car speeds in excess of 230 mph, head-on collisions on purpose, and one of my personal favorites, skydiving in a car. Yeah, you heard that right. This is an occasion when seatbelts are NOT a good idea. This guy's parachute got stuck in the seatbelt clip. He was able to extricate himself just in time.

But here's the point: People who drive in the fast lane of life live shorter lives. Just like the cars they drive.

One of the guys interviewed blacked out from a mid-air collision with another skydiver. He woke up after two days without his legs. His buddy didn't fair as well. His buddy didn't survive at all. I seriously think these people believe in the adage: Survival is nothing more than recovery. (Dianne Feinstein)

Another guy who owned a Porsche decided to try to break his record of 120 mph. So on a country road he was able to achieve 132 mph. Things went awry when a tire blew and the car flew off the road. There was nothing left. Not sure if he survived. There was no interview.

So if you want to live longer, go easy on the pedal. That goes for life's activities while outside your car too.

See I told you this would be insightful.

Moderation is the secret of survival. - Manly Hall