Friday, July 06, 2007

Toenail Trims

The other day while we were having dinner together as a family, a conversation began about toenail clipping. (I don't know how or why it came up at the dinner table. That's weird.)

I admit this is not a great dinner topic, but still there we were discussing it while gnawing at our steaks.

The subject was not IF you should clip but WHEN you should clip your toenails.

Now, maybe you've never really given this much thought. (Which is why it's always a good idea to check out this blog for great personal tips.) But it really does matter.

And here was the puzzling thing for me. They had never given this subject much consideration. How can this be? I just assumed that it's something folks think about all the time.

Now, it's not as though there is only one time of day that you MUST clip you nails. I'm not suggesting that. I don't mean to be draconian about this. But there is a BEST time to do it. And that's the very point I was making at the dinner table.

So when is the top time for toenail trims? Well, the absolute best time is right after the nightly shower.

Here's my logic: The nails are soft so they are easier to trim and they get a sort of polish by the bed sheets while you sleep.

Ever try to put your socks on just after a clipping? The rough edges get snagged inside the sock material. But try it the next morning and see how much easier it is.

Say, this might be great book material. "When to Trim Your Toenails and Other Personal Tips." If I wrote a book, then I could use that brag bio I typed up. Where is that thing?

If you havent lost a toenail on a long run, you havent run far enough - Anon