Sunday, August 26, 2007

Sapphire Lake

You can tell a lot about the place you're visiting by just eavesdropping on conversations.

We visited some friends in Sapphire Lake and while eating lunch I overheard one woman say to the other:

"Do you happen to have a stone you're not wearing tonight?"

We are in a retirement community at a country club. A bunch of woman are sitting around a table by the pool talking about their upcoming evening dinner. I tuned in and out of the conversation. That's all I remember. But it was enough.

Then there was the old guy that nearly ran me down with his golf cart. I guess I was walking in the wrong place near the pool gate. He looked right at me and pulled in front of me and parked. I had to abruptly change my course to keep from running into him. There was no apology. He just acted as if i wasn't even there. Snob.

The greens were beautiful and once in a while on the back porch of our friend's place we'd hear the crack of the ball. Or we'd watch the golf carts come down the fairway and park briefly to play on through. The home sits right on the 9th hole's fairway. I'm glad it's a screened porch.

In order to get to the pool, which is in walking distance, we had to cross the fairway. It's a simple process. You just look up to the tee to determine if anyone is whacking balls your way.

A vacation is having nothing to do and all day to do it in. - Robert Orben