Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Stoplight Sketching

VW at a light
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chevy at a light
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I've got an addiction. I've been sketching while waiting at stoplights. I may need help.

stoplight sketchbook
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I bought a small sketchbook and a ZIG Millennium pen and started sketching bumpers and it blossomed from there. Now I sketch stoplights, telephone poles, and cars. I guess it's a harmless addiction but it's an addiction all the same.

What this means is that I'm not reading at the stoplights but instead I'm sketching.

It's a tricky thing, this sketching at stoplights. I keep a watchful eye on the car in front of me. I don't want people beeping at me when the light changes.

I bought a little 3.5 x 5.5 book with 128 pages. It's small and handy and I use the small elastic band to hold two ZIG pens.

The sketchbook I bought was a Handbook sketchbook.

If you're going to try this, I have a few suggestions:

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1) Never try to draw (or attempt to finish a drawing) while driving. Resist the temptation. Otherwise your next sketch will be your crumpled hood.

2) Have several sketches in progress. Don't worry about unfinished sketches when the light changes. You can always add more detail on your next commute. And that's the beauty of stoplight sketching when you commute, you can finish the next time through. You finish the sketch when you've added enough detail.

There you have it. Drawings from a red light stalker.