Friday, September 07, 2007

The Internet has become noisy

I've noticed a trend. The Internet is becoming noisy.

I remember the old days on the Internet. You could quietly browse the sites and click the links and see pure, unadulterated, quick loading pages of text. Not anymore. Now the pages flash and move and some even play sounds. Sometimes my curser changes into swirling numbers. My mouse pointer disappears. Once in a while I hit a page that blasts music. So now I've turned off my speakers. I want peace and quiet when I surf the big Internet waves.

The only thing I can't turn off is the moving images. Ads for cars and insurance and mortgages flash and move so distractedly that I can't concentrate on the page of text in front of me. Eventually I stop visiting those kind of sites altogether. It drives me crazy. I'll lose my mind.

To me, a noisy Internet page is like walking into a carnival. It's fine for the first few minutes but then my head spins, I get nauseous, and then bad things happen.

Hey, wait a minute, I've got my pictures over there, to the left, doing that flashy thing. On my own site.

What a hypocrite.

“On the Internet, Nobody Knows You're a Dog.” - Peter Steiner