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I've been on a sketch blog search and dug up some great links for all you sketch wannabes out there.

I warn you that there are some great ones. And before I show you some of the links, I want you to know these are meant to inspire you to start. These may look fantastic now, but remember they started somewhere.

And before you link out to them I wanted to tell you about the latest book I received entitled: Taking a Line for a Walk: 1100 Miles on Foot, Le Havre to Rome. Wow! What a great little find. The book is an illustrated journal by a 68 year old man who walked 1100 miles. Very cool book. Very inspiring.

And so here are some of those links:
RozWorks Journals
Andrea Joseph
Terry Banderas
Suzanne Buchanan
Gas Water Nothing
How to keep a travel journal
Blados Illusrated Journal

And so there you have it. Inspiration at it's finest.

A drawing is taking a line for a walk. -Paul Klee

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4 Responses to “Sketch blogs”

  1. # Blogger Terry Banderas

    Thank you for plugging my blog. Hope all is well with you. You have a nice newsy blog site.  

  2. # Blogger dave terry

    I really enjoy visiting your sketches and thought others would too.

  3. # Blogger Terry Banderas


    Why are you not posting your work?  

  4. # Blogger dave terry

    I've done many sketches but haven't the time lately. Will do so soon.

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