Monday, October 29, 2007

Stores have personality

Stores have personality. I'm sure of it. I figure that great minds must do lots of R & D to determine what their store personality will be. I'm really not privy to all the research, but I can tell you that as a customer I notice.

Like CompUSA. I hate going into that store. I avoid it as I would a leper colony. It's loud, very loud, not just audably loud but visually loud. Images scream at me from every wall of the store. The noise they pump out through their Sumo woofers pound my chest. I can't breath. The music doesn't play TO me it yells AT me. I can only take a few minutes of it. Then I have to leave. When I walk back out into the parking lot it feels as though I've strolled into a lush tranquil garden full of rainbow colored cars. I'm at peace.

OfficeMax is not quite as bad. Maybe the young folks behind the counter need that sound or they'd fall asleep waiting for the next customer.

It might just be a sign of age, this feeling that everywhere I go seems noisy. I've had enough excitement in my life and I simply don't require external stimuli to bring me a feeling of well-being.

I guess stores have personality like people do. Their personalities may sometimes conflict with my own. I've never thought of it this way but they remind me of my coffee friends.

If I'd have known how old I was going to be, I would have taken better care of myself. - Adolf Zukor