Saturday, December 22, 2007

garmin & beanbag

garmin & beanbag
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We decided to spend some time away. The Christmas holiday is a perfect time to get away, fewer cars on the roads, lower occupancy at the hotels, and fewer people at the restaurants.

We've always wanted to visit Savannah. We haven't seen the ocean since moving to Georgia. We stayed in Hilton Head Island which is much more picturesque than Savannah. It's about an hour north of Savannah. Since we left on Saturday we thought we at least would stop in at Savannah before going on to Hilton Head.

In Savannah we saw a lot of construction and remodeling. It was raining and on our way to a restaurant we had to find cover in a temporary walkway surrounding of the reconstructed buildings. We drove around the historic district and saw buildings from the 1800s. Savannah was not burned during the Civil War.

The highlight was the brewery we fond along Bay street . Moon River Brewing Company is housed in a hotel built in 1821. We got some fresh German ale brewed on the spot. All ingredients are from Germany. The only thing from Georgia was the water. It was the color of gold wheat at harvest time but it's taste was as fresh as brewed yesterday. For the meal, I ordered the Black & Bleu. The Black and Blue is a burger made form Black Angus beef topped with beau cheese. Huge, piping hot, onion rings came as a side. All cooled down the gullet with the Savannah Fest Ale. Wow! I also tried a sample of the The Captains Porter. If you're in Savannah, check out Moon River Brewing Company and down a pint.

The Hotel Crown Plaza has a 10% occupancy. In spite of that they didn't give us any upgrades although we tried. They attempted to get us to pay another $30 or $50 for a poolside or oceanside view. A 50 dollar a night upgrade charge? Are you kidding me? We got our regularly priced $150 dollar night room for just $60! I'm not spending another $50 for an upgrade. I'm saving up for retirement. The Front Desk clerk told us that "after all these are deep discounted rates." (Ruth got them from She gave us a room on the 3rd floor overlooking the air conditioners on the roof. So we drew the drapes and flicked on the TV.

My mother had a great deal of trouble with me, but I think she enjoyed it. -Mark Twain