Sunday, December 23, 2007

hat on dash

hat on dash
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My idea of a vacation is: Drive to a spot, have coffee, and sketch stuff. Unfortunately that was not Ruth's plan. She likes to explore the entire area when she goes places. She'll drive for hours. It’s gotten worse since she purchased the Garmin. Now the GPS is her best friend. She gets lost on purpose just to use her gadget to bring her back.

Danny Gregory says: 'Don't worry about going to a place to sketch something specific just sketch what's right in front of you.' That's good advice. So I sketched my hat on the dash of the car. It wasn't getting much use on my head since it was going to be nightfall before I get out of the tin can.

This sketch is the result. It was done while we drove through Hilton Head Island. We drove all afternoon. What makes this drawing so remarkable is that it was done in the car while she drove through parking lots, over speed bumps, and around endless turns. Sometimes I'd have to look ahead a bit before attempting some of the details of the sketch to be assured of a steady hand.

Her driving over the speed bumps was helpful when I was doing the stippling though.

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