Friday, January 25, 2008

got milk?

Friday - January 18th
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Experiments with glass and reflection. Copied from another artist I highly regard for his great sketch journals. I thought I'd practice his technique.

In art school students take trips to museums and copy the great artists. When we lived in New York often we'd go to the MET (Metropolitan Museum of Art). Each time was a treat. The place is so huge you can't see it all in one day. Often I'd see people sketching from the great masters. The great thing about the MET was that admission was by voluntary donation. Students and volunteers could get in for nothing if they wanted. Even though we didn't have much at the time, we always gave something.

The Internet and Flickr is a great place to find sketch journals and art without leaving the house. Although, I do need to get out more.

Which brings me to another idea. I read about an artist that walks a mile from home, records what she sees in sketch, photos or sculpture and returns home. She kept this up for a year and recorded her results here. What a great idea.

Pool sign: We don't swim in your toilets. Please don't pee in our pool.