Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Returning to analog

Thursday - January 17th
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Analog? I'm not talking about hardware that communicates digital or analog, I'm talking about analog journals and date books in contrast to electronic ones. I'm talking about the difference between carrying around an electronic gadget for your calendar and contacts or simply carrying a book. I've switched to a book.

Oh, I've had all kinds of gadgets. I'm sure that I single handedly made Palm what it is today. I bought the first Palm in in my state and soon all my friends had one too. I've owned the Palm 1000 and every iteration since. I eventually became disenchanted with keeping up with all the software updates, multi-synching home and work, bright light screen washout, and finally battery failure. But that's all behind me now.

The only thing books need is more pages. But that's when I get another book. No batteries to charge, I can see my pages in bright sunlight, and it still works if I drop it. I just want stuff that works. I even use waterproof ink in the rare event that my page gets wet. I can still read what I've written.

Of course, at work it's an entirely different matter. I can't get away from my electronic work calendar and the people who keep putting stuff in it. They are always sending me meeting invites but pay no attention to the fact that I already have an appointment in that time slot. Consequently I'm always double/triple booked. I feel that sometimes I have no control over my own work schedule.

But at least I'm in control of my private life.

My journal is analog, my date book is analog, even my calendar is analog. The only thing in my bag that's digital is my iPod.

It's true that I could lose the book. There's no backup unless I scan each page every day. But then again, I can't tell you how many times I've lost data with the old digital gadget.

My bet is on the book.

To use digital or analog is really just a binary choice. - Dave Terry