Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Wednesday - January 16th

Wednesday - January 16th
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Cross hatching isn't my favorite way to shade an ink sketch but for this subject it works. Since I don't do any preliminary outline before laying down the wet ink, my sketches often have proportional errors.

For example the pencil on the left looks as though it's floating. I think it best to lay down an outline, even if it's a fine ink line. Then come back and shade or shape the shadows.

I have a comment in this page of the journal about the 360 reviews again this year. I may have spoke about this process last year before and and all it's craziness

They call it 360 since everyone rates you on your performance. By everyone I mean your boss, your previous boss, your peers, your business associates, everyone is involved. And if any rates you lower the the average or higher than the average, they are encouraged to give some specific comments.

This year was interesting. It's the first year I received the highest score possible.

After the 360 reviews you get a one-on-one review with your boss and go over the content. That hasn't happened yet but I've never found them to be very helpful. It's all so nebulous. Often buzzwords are used to describe performance.

"You partner well with the business. You leveraged your contacts and helped everyone stay on the same page that synergized the team."


"You need to engage with the business. You need to drill down help the business future-proff their approach. Help them make out a better vision statement. Let's see if you can engage on our next turn of the crank."

I'm looking for specifics. Like:

"On our last project, I noticed you were able to draw up some diagrams that helped the business sort through the options."


"On our previous project you didn't attend most of the review boards. If you attend more of them, it'll help you understand what the business is thinking."

Save me.

If you want to do buzzword oriented programming you must use a strongly hyped language. - Mike Johns