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Friday- January 11th

Friday- January 11th
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A sadly lopsided butterfly trapped in the pages of my sketch journal.

A new sketch with watercolor in the new journal. This journal actually held up well for this experiment.

These journals are great for sketching and watercolor. Not as good as watercolor paper but this book would be four times the thickness if the pages were 90lb watercolor paper. As it is, it's pretty heavy.

Can't seem to find the journals online. I found this Paperchase at Borders. The label (I kept it attached to the inside back cover.) reads: "BLANK A5 Bonded Leather Flexi" (I didn't know it was actually leather but it looks/feels like oilskin, similar to the Moleskines.) The label also says it's made in Germany. US $14.99 (Here are some other numbers on the label: #0681712872 & #8735609. Don't know if these would be helpful in a search online.)

Anyway, great journal. The all time best I've had so far and I've had a few.

Tried an experiment on framing the page. A sort of ribbon wrapped wire.

The trouble with extending a sketch across pages is the gutter. Drawing into the center is like getting your bicycle tire caught in a rut. You're likely to crash trying to steer out of it. That's exactly what happened to me.

The pen I used is a Waterman Expert fountain pen with a medium nib filled with Noodlers bulletproof (waterproof) ink. Great stuff.

The story on the right-hand page is about my little nephew. He's three. He asked his mom to buy him a tarantula.

"No way" she told him "I'd have to move out first."

Several minutes later she found him paging through the newspaper. Knowing he couldn't read a thing she asked him what he was doing. He said:

"Looking for a place for you to stay."

Seems good to me. If your mom is wiling to move out, why not help her find a place?

Caterpillars do all the work but butterflies get the credit.

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