Thursday, January 10, 2008

New Sketch Journal Entry

Sunday - January 6th
Originally uploaded by daveterry.
I’ve been sketching regularly now in my new 2008 sketch journal. Some sketches are rather lame but this one came out pretty good. I really enjoy doing this. It’s somehow soothing and relaxing. Trouble is, time flies when I sketch. I enter into another dimension.

This sketch was added to throughout the day. Even the next day I went back to add some content to the pages. I really like the combination of sketch and writing.

I haven’t done any watercolor or wash in the new journal. That’s the next test. So far the paper has held up well for pen and ink sketches. Hardly any ink bleeds through the page, even in the darker areas.

I’m not sure why I choose this subject. Looks kind of creepy. Not even sure what kind of a bug this is. Can’t seem to find it on the Internet and the book I copied it from didn’t have the name.

I think bugs and beetles lend themselves well to pen and ink. They are mostly black, sometimes shiny, and often hairy. I’ve seen some artists draw them by starting with a puddle of ink and dragging the ink outward for legs and antennae. A very cool idea.

If I’m going to try watercolor or wash, I think I need to try for butterfly next.

I’m taking a vacation from the reality-based community.