Monday, January 07, 2008

New 2008 Journal

New 2008 Journal
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Decided to give this new 2008 sketch journal a whorl. My approach this year is sketching and observations.

I've been journaling regularly for about 13 years. I've been through many different types of journals. The only requirements was that the journal have about 400 pages in it so that I could record at least a page a day. (Extra pages in the back were bonus writing pages and also used for an index.) Finding a blank book with 400 pages in it is harder than I thought. Last year I bought a 2007 Desk Diary.

My requirements have changed. Now I keep a daily sketch journal. I like to draw and then write around my sketches. So I now require a BLANK (no lines) journal with 400 pages in it. This is even harder than finding a journal of 400 pages with lines. I was feeling pretty down in the dumps because I'd been in all the Borders and Barnes & Nobels and lots of Internet sites and couldn't find anything. It was October and I only had two months left to find a 400 blank page journal.

I stumbled into Borders and discovered they had racks of Paperchase blank books. I rifled through a few just knowing that there wasn't one among them with blank pages. Most had striped or polka dot covers, way too flashy for me.

Then I saw a black journal with a circle sticker on it that said: "Now with blank pages." Could this be my journal? As I reached for the Journal on the shelf, I believe a shaft of light beamed from above and shown upon the book. I heard a chorus singing overhead. (The shaft of light could have just been from the skylight overhead. The chorus just the piped music in the store. )

I reached and opened the thick book and counted it’s pages. "Wow, 400 pages!" I said out loud. People looked at me strangely and began to creep away. Mothers grasped their children and pulled them away from my direction. The paper was a semi-thick and crisp white stock, perfect for ink sketching. It's cover is not that lame cloth stuff but made of some leatherette smooth black material, perfect for coffee cups. (I sometime set my coffee cup ON my journal at my night stand so it doesn’t stain the cherry wood.) I bought three of them. I’m set for the next couple of years.

I'll post a copy of one of the pages I've so far sketched out.

Journal writing is a voyage to the interior. - Christina Baldwin