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Why call it The Enterprise?

Some people wonder why I called my big company "The Enterprise." I guess it's sort of a Star Trek reference. Now that I stop to think about it, there are many similarities.

First off, it is huge. The Enterprise is like a big ship hurling through space with no planned direction. No one knows where we are. No one knows where we are going. Most forget where we came from. Yet they keep yelling down at us from the bridge to hurry up and give it more power.

But we have a shortage of people manning the power stations on ship. People have beamed to other star ships and planets so the crew is depleted. Nonetheless the remaining members frantically turn knobs and pull levers to right the ship and keep it moving in SOME direction, wherever that is.

Also, there are time warps when project managers and VPs tell the CEO that the project will complete on time but I know it'll be months or even a year before we exit the wormhole.

Finally, there are monsters on board. Some of them are outwardly ugly and aggressive, others are cloaked and invisible, still others take on human forms but I can't trust them.

Is your Enterprise similar?

My advice: Beam to another planet or galaxy while there is still time. The Klingons are taking over.

Everywhere is within walking distance if you have the time. - Stephen Wright


2 Responses to “Why call it The Enterprise?”

  1. # Blogger Papa Joe

    Actually, if your company has no planned direction is should be named Jupiter 2, after the infamous Lost in Space vessel:


  2. # Blogger Ron

    Sounds eerily familiar...  

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