Saturday, March 22, 2008

Snicker's eye pillow

Snickers using light block
Originally uploaded by daveterry.
What do cats do all day? Sleep.

Snickers uses our ottoman to sleep 98% of the day. The only time he leaves this position is to eat and use the litter box.

He doesn't like to be picked up. It may be bacause of his weight. He's now 24 lbs.

And he now begs at the dinner table. We've always fed him dry cat food, never the fancy sutff. He's fine with that. But one time I fed him a piece of bacon during breakfast and now he'll stare up at me while I eat. If I ignore him he'll gently paw my thigh. I can't resist that. I give him a piece of meet. He'll brush this way and that while I hold it out for him. Then he'll lick it. Then finally he gently takes it from my fingers and chews it.

Snickers doesn't even catch mice. He doesn't like to go outside. Although on a nice 65ish day we'll put him out anyway. But then he's soon at the back door staring in at us.

Since he sleeps on this ottoman near the back door, I guess the light gets to him. Yesterday he slept in this position for an hour trying to block the sun. I think I should get him one of those eye pillows. If I got him one of those butterfly designs maybe he'd dream of catching bugs or something. You know, earn his keep.

The only other place he sleeps is on my chest. He'll usually come around when I'm watching TV. He jumps up on my chest, all 24 lbs of him, and after leaving puncture marks, settles down with a loud purr. If I'm trying to read a book, he'll stand on the other side and rub the edges of the book with the side of his snout. Then he'll peek over the top. If I continue to ignore him, he steps around the book and settles down in the one foot space between my nose and the pages.

But it has to be his idea. I can't walk over to the ottoman, pick him up, and put him on my chest. Well I can but he wont stay long. He'll act like he's all comfortable then without warning he'll catapult off my chest and on to the floor.

If I try to pick him up and hold him like a baby his eyes get all wide. His fur gets all bristly and his claws come out. If I persist in carrying him around, he'll make a low growling sound. He's not happy.

He never comes when I call him. Rarely anyway. Maybe he'll just turn and look my way. Most times he'll just cock his ears back in my direction and continue sleeping. He doesn't like to move much. He's 24 lbs.

When I played in the sandbox the cat kept covering me up. -- Rodney Dangerfield