Friday, June 06, 2008

Dry Clean

Dry Clean
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In spite of gas at $4.00 a gallon, the one luxury I allow is dry cleaning service. I really want my dress shirts pressed. I like crispness for my button downs.

It takes me 10 minutes per shirt to do them myself. I got 13 shirts pressed for fifteen bucks. Thirteen shirts would take me two hours and 10 minutes to press them myself. And they still don't have the razor sharp creases that the dry cleaners gives them.

I've cut back on my Rex Goliath (everyday drinking wine), and lunches out with the group at work. I eat left overs at my desk nuked in the lunch room. I'm brown bagging it. I like the idea that I'm saving big time. It's a good feeling that I'm beating the ascending prices.

Ruth has planted a garden out back. If all goes well, we'll add more vegetables to the mix. I built her a box and it's already growing well. We'll have something to eat within a couple of weeks.

So we'll have free fresh vegetables, little wine, but pressed shirts.

I guy has to prioritize.

Rich people stay rich by acting poor and poor people stay poor by acting rich.