Thursday, August 07, 2008

Insulating the Garage

Garage insulation
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I know it's been a long time and I promised myself I'd never apologize for not posting to the blog. When I'm here, I'm here. When I'm not, I'm not.

I need to talk about this because it's a peeve I have.

When I read someone's blog post about not writing and how sorry they are and how much their readers want them, etc. I bail. I can't tolerate reading all that sappiness. Like I care? Write when you can and I'll appreciate it. If you can't, well, I'll be visiting other blogs. When you do, I'll be back. No issues. Just come back with something interesting to say. And don't talk about how grieved you are that you haven't written.

I hate that. I really do. It's a sure bet I'll bail from their blog like shrapnel from a hand grenade. If I've bookmarked their page, I'll yank their bookmark right out of my favorites by it's roots. I'll never return. I'm serious, really.

I'll never apologize for not writing. No way. Not me. It assumes that people are camping out on my website hitting the refresh button pining for the next post. That's ridiculous. Like they have nothing better to do? I'm certain that's not true.

I have been off to other places. I've found out about Helium and have been hanging out over there. It's a pretty cool site for would-be writers. Helium posts new subjects each week, you write about them, people rate your work against others writing about the same subject, you win dollars. That's kind of cool.

Although, I haven't won any money yet, but that doesn't stop me from writing. As people rate your work above others you slowly rise to the top, thus the name. I'm rather stoked because in my first week of writing some of the contest subjects I got top honors. I placed first in each of the categories. The Jury is still out on whether I win the bucks. We'll see. But it's fun all the same.

If you enjoy writing, this is the place for you. It's mostly non-fiction subjects although I've seen some fiction categories too.

I'm still keeping my Illustrated Journal so thought I'd post one. It's some time ago but I've got some newer ones coming up. I see only slow progress with my sorry sketches. But posting it on the blog is good motivation to improve.

When I'm confident enough to post my illustrations every day I will know I have arrived.


"The rumors of my death have been greatly exaggerated" - Mark Twain


Brett said...

as a fellow 365'er i known what you mean, i've just reached the 1/2 way point and have yet to miss one, but rally feel the self imposed strain at times.

dave terry said...

Somedays I wrote two or even three posts and held them back. On the days when I was busy or had writer's block I used them. That might work for you too. But, then, maybe it's cheating?