Wednesday, September 17, 2008

The Closet

The Closet
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Closets are merely collection agents. They hound you for more stuff until you can't close the doors. I hate that. I usually keep this closet open since I store the copier in there. This means that I have to keep it neat or it'll drive me to insanity.

Two of my closets in the master bedroom don't even have doors. I yanked them off during the remodel two years ago and they sit abandoned in the garage. I haven't decided to put them back. Sad really, sitting alone, unpainted, stuffed in a dark dank corner. Once part of the house but no more.

In one of the master bedroom closets I have wire metal shelves, a short dresser, and dark wooden hangers. All my shirts line up and face the same direction. Except the ones I've worn once, they face the other direction. That way I can tell them apart. The ties are kept in a basket, wrapped in neat bundles so that all the surfaces are even and show a rainbow of color. I like just looking at the basket of ties. It's a happy view.

But this closet, the one in the sketch, is my office closet. I try to keep it neat too but it's a bit more difficult because I share it with two other members of the family. As I drew this sketch I got a little carried away and almost couldn't quit. After 30 minutes I decided to leave the back wall empty to help balance it against the top shelves.

This sketch was done using my Zig Millennium 05 and a Pentel brush pen (similar to Copic Miltiliner Brush Pen) for the dark black shadows. I sketched it in my handmade and hand stiched pocket sketch journal. I followed the direction of Trumpetvine Travels.

I suppose I ought to be less of a neatnic but that's just my nature. I like stuff in order, it reduces stress. The key, I've found, is just having less stuff.

Hummm, what else can I give away or toss out?

If you can't give away your possessions, you no longer own them. They own you. - Dave Terry