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A Zig pen, glass, and flower

Zig pen, Glass & Flower
Originally uploaded by daveterry.
Just working a bit on composition. I need to focus on select elements of the scene and only draw them. I need to find a key focal point and draw that. Drawing too much detail tires the eye, bores the viewer.

Drawing stuff all over the page and then adding script or writing all around it looks the best to me. Leaving some white space helps to balance the page.

Composition is the focus this week.

A sketch is generally more spirited than a picture. - Denis Diderot


2 Responses to “A Zig pen, glass, and flower”

  1. # Blogger Anita Davies

    Looks good to me!
    Love your quote for today.  

  2. # Blogger Frater Gymnos

    thanks so much for that reminder.
    i get frustrated, wondering what sorts of backgrounds i should place behind my (mostly sketchy and conceptual) images...

    i appreciate when artists draw my eye rather than overwhelming me.

    i think being overwhelmed as a style is interesting now and again, but i prefer a good composition.

    now i look forward to your ideas on how to make a good composition happen.  

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