Sunday, October 05, 2008

A #2 with an attitude

#2 pencil with clip
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I found these great pencil clips on eBay. I bought 12 for $8.

These are sort of old fashioned I think. At least, I can't find them in any of my big modern office supply stores.

But I think they're a good idea that's been lost.
  • They prevent the pencil from rolling along the workbench.
  • They work well on stubbies, such as golf pencils.
  • They are very sturdy, nearly indestructible.
  • They look so retro, which is to say "old" in a cool sort of way.
Of course, the best part is, I can clip them to my T-shirt sleeve and they stay out of my way until the next time I need them.

I've tried keeping pencils behind my ear but they pop off when I put on eye protection or a hard hat. I've tried keeping them in the leather tool bag but don't like rummaging around poking my fingers while searching for them in a bag of screws or nails.

Even the little pencil pockets on the tool pouch don't work for me. The power tool cords are always hanging up on the them and eventually they break in half just at the top of the pencil slot. Then I'm trying to fish them out of the slot with a pair of needle nose pliers.

But clipping them upside down inside my T-shirt sleeve works great. If I break a #2 in half, I get two stubbies for the price of one. And if I sharpen both ends I can just flip the pencil end-for-end to get a new clean point. If I clip two of them to the sleeve, I'll always a have sharp point the entire day. Besides, it's a fashion statement. I think everyone will be wearing them soon.

The retro look makes them fun to draw. The subtle curves and shiny metal parts present a good drawing challenge.

Better yet, I think the look of this little stubby with it's metal pencil clip projects a sort of attitude:

"I'm ready for business, get out of my way."

The average pencil is seven inches long, with just a half-inch eraser - in case you thought optimism was dead. - Robert Brault

我 找到了这些 好的铅笔夹子。 我买了十二。 他们费用8美国 元。

他们非常老态, 因为不在我新的大商店找到了。


Papa Joe said...

Hahaha. You old nerd.

dave terry said...

Sad, but true.