Thursday, December 25, 2008

Drawing in public

illustrated journaling
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Often at lunch I'll find a shady tree near a park and sit in the car and draw.

There's a park near work that is quiet and peaceful. Gentle breezes blow through the pine trees. The leaves tumble across the lawn. Sometimes I'll see folks walking their dogs. Occasionally I'll buy a burger and drive over to the parks and enjoy the peace. But I feel a little self-conscious.

I feel self-conscious because...I often wonder what the neighbors think. I would be alarmed if someone pulled up across from my house just to stare up at my telephone pole. Who is this guy? They must think me mad.

Sometimes I drive the family van to work, and then to the park, which is even worse. A lone guy in a van? This can give people the creeps.

I'm preparing my defense should they call the cops.

"But Officer, I was just sketching their telephone pole."

Somehow that doesn't sound normal.

Half of the people in the world are below average.