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salt shaker and book wrap

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I've gotten into the salt and pepper shaker sketching. It's so quick to do while I wait for my meal. Trying to do it by candle light in those fancy restaurants is a challenge.

The other sketch was an idea for a sketchbook wrap. This would be fairly easy to do. It's just a piece of leather (or other stiff material) that you glue to a sketchbook. It wraps around the right edge and has a loop that goes through the flap. You could then just slip your sketch pen into the loop and your're set for a day or sketching.

I looked in etsey.com and found exactly what I was looking for. Someone had already done it. I figure that after the sketchbook is full I'll just slice it out and glue in one I've made myself.

Sometimes I use the sketchbook to draw random ideas I'll either make it myself or find it somewhere on the Internet. Sometimes it's cheaper and easier to buy it from someone that has already built it.

Tell me and I'll forget; show me and I may remember; involve me and I'll understand. - Chinese proverb

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