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"I'm calling in rich"

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Imagine calling your boss and telling him that you won't be coming in anymore. I guess that's what a lot of folks dream about, especially as they get closer to retirement.

Of course, the way the economy is going, many may be coming OUT of retirement. Like a bear waking from the winter's hibernation, they may not be too happy about it.

Some people I work with joke about winning the lottery so they'll never have to work. They'll tell me: "See you on Monday, unless I win the lottery."

Well, it turns out this guy did. My favorite story of his was when he first realized he'd won. He reports:
“I was driving to work and happened to call the hotline for the lotto. I always played the same numbers, so I instantly knew I had won. I immediately called into my work and said I was calling in rich.”

Whether winning the lottery or receiving some kind of big windfall, it's important to keep your head about you.

This guy (it could be a gal, she/he calls themself "D" so as to remain anonymous) is doing all kinds of charity stuff. Which is very cool. It would be great to give cash to unsuspecting people. Of course, you don't have to wait until you're a millionaire to help folks out.

I remember when our family hit hard times, a friend gave us an old '56 Buick Century. It was a mammoth car. Dad and I cleaned it all up (well, mostly dad), got it running (it wasn't before) and even installed air conditioning we cock-roached from another old car. Point is, the people that gave us the car didn't have much in a material way either, but they did what they could to help us out.

They have probably since forgotten about it, but it made a huge impression on me. I still tell people about it today.

Do all the good you can, and make as little fuss about it as possible.
- Charles Dickens

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