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the cats sleep

China Chickens - LongJi
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Since our cats didn't grow up together they are always fighting. I don't understand it. We have enough food for the both of them. There is plenty of space in the house for the two of them. Both of them we cuddle. We even have separate dishes for them, in separate places, by separate doors. But none of that seems to matter.

They hiss through dagger teeth and slap with razor claws and finally fall asleep exhausted within three yards of each other. So far, no blood has been spilled but there are some claw marks in my leather ottoman where one of them missed a slice through the air. Stupid cats.

And now they are just as cute as kittens, Snickers has one paw over his eyes and Chips is curled in a ball next to the door, breathing deeply.

Why can't they just get along?

Next time I'm going to get chickens.

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