Friday, April 10, 2009

Write just one minute a day...

I stumbled across the One-Minute Writer blog. (Where DO I find this stuff?) Very cool.

You have 1440 minutes in each day. Why not dedicate one of them to writing?

Write online, in a journal, on a throw-away card, or just respond via a comment to the daily writing prompt at the site. Use the handy little timer on the page.

So this post represents one minute of writing.

Go to the blog to get your inspiration each day.

Still, this IS a very short post.

(AFTER the one minute: It took another five minutes to re-write some of the sentences. I wanted to write more but ran out of time. I will tell you, one minute will NOT be enough. The one minute writing exercise will catapult you into writing beyond a minute. You have been warned.)

Enough about me, let us talk about you. What do you think about me?