Tuesday, September 15, 2009

a kissing iguana

Just a quick post that is out of the ordinary from my regular sketch posts. Just because I've never, ever seen a kissing iguana. This is a rare event for sure. (Maybe it'll be the theme for a future sketch?)

And I swear, it truly looks like the guy, and I use "guy" lightly here, is puckering up for this kiss. He actually leaned in to give it to her. He is absolutely emotionally attached to her, and she to him. And I'd hate to break anything like this up but...

Does this seem strange to anyone else? I mean, I would not even think of trying to press my lips to a lizard's scaly mouth parts, let alone attempt it.

But that's just me, maybe I'm strange.

We saw several folks out with their pets at the Castro Valley Craft Fair in California. Most were walking common animals like dogs on leashes. We saw very few iguanas. In fact, come to think of it, just this one.

snake stud
Originally uploaded by daveterry.
We did see a guy with a pet snake. Could there be some craft fair pattern here?

Why is it these folks have developed friendships with slithering animal creatures? Don't they have enough enemies evoking this behavior? (You know what I mean, slithering people creatures.)

Ruth has become very brave. She actually took this picture. When she asked if she could take it, he asked what kind of pose she wanted.

"Whatever you want." she said.

So he stuck out a studded tongue. She could not have asked for a better pose. Studs and snakes seem to match up just fine for me. (She doesn't have a blog, so graciously allowed me to post this picture. But next time I'll be more brave and take my own picture.)

I think I lead a very boring life. Maybe I should get an potty trained iguana or a snake necklace or a studded tongue.

At least I wouldn't feel so out of place at these craft fairs.

One reason a dog is such a lovable creature is his tail wags instead of his tongue.