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apartment hunting

apartment hunting
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I set my sunglasses on the agent's desk and wiped my brow. It's 104 degrees outside. We'd just come in from looking at several apartments.

Why? Well, we've sold the five bedroom/3 bath house and are simplifying.

But where do we live now? The house sold too fast, within three weeks. Now what? Maybe we should have thought about this before?

So we went looking for apartments to rent.

The cost of it all! Whoa!

Application fees, deposit fees, gate opener fees, pet fees, cancelation fees...

Yikes! This is nuts.

I'm tired of riding around in golf carts through sprawling park-like grounds looking at tiny apartments with big prices.

A 920 square foot place for $897/month + water + electric + gas + $500 pet fees + deposit + + +

I think I'll just get a box and sleep under the overpass. No dues, no fees, no water...wait, no water? Just the rain on my head?

There must be a better way.

Now I know why Dan Price calls himself the Hobo Artist. Check out Dan's hovel. I wonder if he has a room for rent? Dan?

So, what exactly are the basics that you think I should get back to? - Anon

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3 Responses to “apartment hunting”

  1. # Anonymous Debo Boddiford

    I can relate to apartment hunting! My oldest son is starting Grad school at UT in Austin TX next month, and Grad housing is not available. (We live in GA.) We have been searching on the internet and I have been calling LOTS of apartments in Austin. Yes, there are LOTS of fees and deposits!! In Austin, we have also discovered that renters must prove that their monthly salary equals their apartment rent times three to qualify! If his RA salary does not meet this, then we (parents) can be guarantors, but must prove our monthly salary is 6X his monthly rent! Have you run into this situation in Atlanta? My son is flying to Austin soon to see some of these places...he will be taking lots of finacial documents to hopefully get a lease signed. This has been a bigger ordeal than getting into Grad school!!  

  2. # Blogger dave terry

    Yikes! And I thought we had it bad. I was able to find an apartment that is 430 sq feet (about 1/6th what I'm living in now) so we sold lots of stuff and got a storage unit (which was another $100 + insurance). Maybe I should have stayed where I was?


  3. # Anonymous Debo Boddiford

    Glad you found somewhere to rent! Keep your fingers crossed for our son in Austin. I think you are on the right track to simplify/downsize! Life is too short to worry about stuff... cleaning, mowing, and wasting natural resources/utilities on a large house. Hopefully in the next few months ya'll can find a smaller home to purchase in a friendly neighborhood where you can walk to shopping, etc... Our boys are both in college now and I wish we could downsize, but we live in a small town and there is ZERO market for our larger home...so I guess we are stuck for life. If I had it to do over again.....  

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