Wednesday, June 23, 2010

egg sandwich lunch

egg sandwich
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A scrambled egg sandwich is the best lunch I could ask for. These are fantastic.

My recipe is the simplest and best:

As the eggs cook I prepare the bread. I use two eggs, never one. One egg is just not enough protein.

I use nutty bread, something whole grain is my preference. Next I slather a helping of mayonnaise followed by some mustard and finally a bit of catchup. Whoa baby, that's livin'.

Here's the best part. Once the bread is prepared, I place the two hot eggs scrambled to perfection, on top. Then just add pepper and a bit of salt.

Warm eggs on whole grain bread. Wow.

Now THAT'S a lunch.

Of course, I can only make these lunches when I work from home. It's not too convenient to pull out an electric skillet in my cube. Although, come to think of it, I really haven't tried.

No, I'll save this extra special treat for when I do a work from home day. I'll sit and eat at the island and stare out at the beautiful flowers that Ruth planted in the garden. And if I have a few extra minutes, I can even sketch my lunch.

What could be a better work day?

I love eggs fried over medium. - Slick Rick


Ramon's Slant said...

Try it with some chopped spring onions for that extra bite! yummy

Papa Joe said...

Mustard?!? Are you KIDDING??

dave terry said...

Joe: Just a touch for a bit of a kick.