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Pano Award - Bronze?

China 2008
So I entered one of my photos into some contest. I rarely do this. Why? Not sure. Usually it's because of cost. Most contests require an entry fee. I hate paying those fees. Besides, I just can't face rejection.

So, like I was saying, I entered this photo, the one on the right. It was taken on one of our trips to China. It's an HDR image (requires special processing) and it was more or less of a grab shot.

Within a few weeks I got a message in my inbox. You won!

They told me to login to their website to see my score. I was excited and couldn't get my password right. Finally, I was successful. What did I win? A bronze star.

A What? A bronze star?

Are you kidding me?

Okay, before i wig, what does a bronze star mean in practical terms?

Did I win any prizes? Any money? How about some photography equipment? Not sure. Can't tell from the website.

So I write the judges and he responded:
Hi Dave,

We’ll be posting the winners and top 50 in each category very shortly…thanks for your patience.

Well done on the Bronze! The judges were firm so bronze is an excellent score.

There are no prizes for Bronze I’m afraid…just category and overall winners.

Kinds regards,

David Evans
The Epson International Pano Awards

Wait a minute. A bronze? No gold? No silver? No prizes? Are you serious? Were you guys looking at the right picture? The one brought back all the way from China, with the waterfall and mountains in the background?

Are you sure?

Later I discovered that half of the photos entered received a bronze. I'm glad the judges were firm, otherwise everyone would have got one.


A photograph is a portrait painted by the sun.


4 Responses to “Pano Award - Bronze?”

  1. # Blogger Wendi

    This is a breathtaking photograph! Amazing for a "grab shot", or any photo at all. The patterns, contrasts, and colors are mesmerizing. Please don't let a "contest" diminish what you've captured in this. It's absolutely beautiful.

    Trip to China: $$$$$
    Photography Equipment $$$$
    Spectacular "snapshot" that preserves memories, evokes strong emotions, and a sense of awe: PRICELESS.

    :o) Wendi  

  2. # Blogger dave terry

    Thanks. Excellent points you make. I'll keep taking pictures.

    What about the contests?


  3. # Anonymous Debo Boddiford

    Sensational shot!!! I think you desrve a "Golden Award"!!  

  4. # Blogger dave terry

    Debo: If only you were the judge!!!

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