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a visit to the DMV

waiting at DMV
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What a huge task it is to move. Just changing our address is a pain. I can't believe all the companies that send us stuff. Wow.

The biggest job is changing addresses on our driver's license. There are huge lines of people and take-a-number counters. Waiting is endless. But lots of seats to wait in. Lots of people talking. Computers that go down in the middle of a transaction. No one else's transaction mind you, just ours. Why can't they just transfer us to another counter? Who knows? But don't rock the boat or they'll go slower!

You just can't get too upset about all of it. Even though it's a total waste of time it's still necessary.

The one redeeming factor was that I brought my sketchbook. And you know, what a great place to sketch people. I sketched the backs of about 12 people all in different poses.

This is a great place to get plenty of practice sketching people. Women with huge purses. (What DO they keep in those cavernous pits?) Guys with enough stuff hanging off their belts that would make a policeman jealous. (Why does that one guy have two PDAs and a flashlight hanging from his pants? What's up with where he lives? Didn't he pay his electric bill?)

The girl with the frilly purse was the best of the bunch.

This was great fun.

You can observe a lot by just watching. - Yogi Berra

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3 Responses to “a visit to the DMV”

  1. # Blogger Shigune Matsui

    I've done that too in my spare time: sketching people (back, sometimes) in different positions. Thanks for sharing.  

  2. # Blogger dave terry

    Next time I'll try the face but that's a bit harder I think.

  3. # Anonymous Debo Boddiford

    Good use of your time! If you ever move again...look on the GA Dept. of Drivers website and see if you can change your address online...I know you can order a replacement license online if you lose your license.  

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