Monday, August 09, 2010

stairwell water main

stairwell water main
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Got a quick chance to capture this on my journal. I've been meaning to do this. I just stood in the stairwell for a few minutes. I was on my way to the car in the company garage.

I was feeling a bit self-conscious. Not sure if someone would just barge into the stairwell and see me standing there staring at this mechanical device.

"What is WRONG with this guy?" They'd be thinking.

It was just a simple scribble and if they had looked over they shoulder on the way up the stairs they'd think: What a mess.

Actually I did it without looking at my paper. I just kept my eyes on the water main. Later when I got up to my car I broke out the travel watercolors and threw some pigment on it. In about 10 minutes I was done.

Then I went off to my next meeting. Rats, no real time to really get into it.

But even for a quick sketch, I'm happy to be able to capture something just "everyday" anyway.

You really never consume water. You just borrow it. - dave terry


Anonymous said...

We're all following Pete Scully's lead!!!

re You really never consume water. You just borrow it

You often see this as graffiti in UK pubs: 'you don't buy the beer; it's just a short term hire'

daveterry said...

Yeah, so true. These are fun to draw, and quick. I drew this standing in the stairwell and later watercolored it.