Monday, July 18, 2011

365 gets a new face

salvageFinally! All the blogs are together in one uniform template.

If you've been visiting 365 for a while you've seen a few changes over the years. But now, the 365 blog, Travel blog, and the Illustrated Journaling blog are all under one "roof" you might say. Each tab will take you immediately to the other blog.

(What I noticed with Google's Blogger Tabs was that this was not possible. It was maddening to have to click on a tab, then click on a link to get to the other blog. How annoying. With my own blog template I can avoid all that silliness.)

This makes it very easy for readers to navigate between all the blogs, or just follow one.

(Eventually I'll get some journaling banners for the top of the page. Right now they share the Travel Banners from the travel blog.)

If you've subscribed to 365, no worries, it's still the same. The other sketch blogs that were on the right hand side of the page have all been moved to the "Resource" tab. Also, on the same tab, you'll find helpful books on sketching and illustrated journaling. It's all now so nice and clean. (Is this a OCD thing? I feel like Monk.)

When I started the blog in 2005 I never imagined that the readership would be what it is today. Nor did I imagine that the Travel Blog would grow so quickly in readership. What is also surprising is the loyalty of my readers. Wow, 40% are returning readers of the blog. Thanks to all of you who have commented, written emails, and contacted me through for your suggestions on subjects, approach, and improvement. Thanks so much.

So, sorry for some construction dust. It should all be settled now.

One format + single navigation = happy readers.

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