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The Sketchbook Project 2011

The Sketchbook Project 2011 was a fun experience.

It's simple really.

You give them $25 and they give you a sketchbook and a subject. You sketch in the sketchbook, mail it in, and they take it on the road.

The road trip travels around America to 11 major cities along with another 30,000 sketchbooks.

Finally, it is scanned and placed online for all to see. Or if they want to they can personally visit the Brooklyn Library in New York for a close-up-and-personal view.

I participated this year and you can see my 2011 Sketchbook in person.  Just ask for call number 026.6-5 when you visit Brooklyn. Not going there anytime soon?  Well, you can see it here on line.

It's not too late to signup for the 2012 Sketchbook Project. Get your sketch journals on the road!

I never travel without my diary. One should always have something sensational to read in the train. -Oscar Wilde 

5 Responses to “The Sketchbook Project 2011”

  1. # Blogger WWendi

    Hi Dave!

    Have I mentioned how much I enjoy your sketching style? Your journal pages are wonderful!!

    I thought you might like to know that I put your Quote Pithy widget up on my new blog:

    I love the widget! I think it adds a nice touch. Thank you for making it.

    I've had my blog for years (the name anyway), but there's not a lot to it yet; no real content, just lots of links. I've only just got it all designed, and haven't yet made it totally accessible to the public. I'm still trying to figure things out, etc.

    Thanks for the link to your sketchbook project... I'm off to take a better, longer look!  

  2. # Blogger daveterry

    Hey Wendi: Glad you like the quote applet. Let me know if you have any problems. You can also get a different quote a day on your iPhone or Android by browsing to Quote Pithy - Shore quotes for the time challenged at daveterry.net/quotes. These are a different set of quotes that last the entire year, one per day. Enjoy.

  3. # Anonymous Natalie Sharpston

    Love the sketches, and you have the best handwriting I've seen in a very long time! : ) Great observations written in your journal, too. Thanks for sharing.  

  4. # Anonymous Sulthana

    Your sketchbook is amazing and inspiring! Makes me want to go and do the same!  

  5. # Blogger Dave Terry

    Thanks all. So sorry I didn't see these posts before. I've set up the blog to send me email when someone posts but for some reason it's currently not working. I have to check on the site each day. Often I forget. So sorry. I like to respond to all my loyal readers!

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