Monday, November 07, 2011

A Tale of Two Blogs

shopping in Chiang MaiJust thinking about the blog and all my readers here. As you can see I've merged the 365 Journal Entries with the Travel Blog for easy navigation between the two.

Some enjoy 365 Journal Entries.  I've often included random (often crazy) stories from working in corporate America. Others enjoy traveling from their armchair and frequent the Travel Blog. The tabs at the top allow you to switch between the two.  (Recently I added a third tab that shows only sketches from my Illustrated Journal, just for fun.)

The goal of all of this was to put all my readers on the "same page" . . . literally. Surprisingly this move not only made navigation between the blogs easier and smoother for me and the readers but it has actually increased readership across both blogs. Some that liked to read 365 didn't know about the Travel Blog and visa versa. Now they've been formally introduced to each other. My job is done here.

What is challenging for me is keeping both active. It seems that after my semi-retirement and move to China, I'm busier than ever. (Don't laugh, it could happen to you.) For example, just recently I posted a reply on a local web site about teaching photography. Some photography assignments came from that. I mean, that's a good thing right? Still, it's kept me really busy. Not to mention the daily three hours I spend at school learning Chinese and subsequent two hours of homework. (This language is killing me.)

So if you enjoy 365 but can't get enough sleeping pills click on over to the Travel Blog tab above for more insomnia curing solutions.

If you are not living on the edge, you are taking up too much space. - Anonymous