Thursday, October 18, 2012

The Mob

Our trip to Korea was a success. Eric got married and Moah's new extended family is a wonderful addition to ours.

Moah's dad, Terry (yeah, it's true, Terry is his real English name, go figure) took us everywhere in Korea, eating places, shopping places, and touring places. He provided door-to-door service to and from our hotel. He was fantastic, the family was fantastic, and the food was fantastic.

The photographer

The shot above was taken by Eric's buddy, Westin. He's a very talented photographer. I wish I had his skill when I was his age, I'd be so much better than I am now. He's got great and very creative ideas.

This shot has sort of a magazine feel. We were all to pose with serious faces. The red chairs were already there in the restaurant garden and provided excellent contrast to the green grass. In the end, the photo made us look like a TV ad for "The Sopranos" which was the effect that Weston was going for. On this trip he brought over fifty pounds of photo gear, no easy task when traveling between America, Korea and China.

In fact, when reentering China we had so much photo gear (both my gear and Weston's) that the security guard asked what I did for a living. When I told him I'm an English teacher in China, he then asked: "Then why all these cameras?" I had to explain that my son just got married and we were taking pictures for the wedding in Korea. I was afraid that he was going to force us to pay customs for all the extra gear. Eric thought he was afraid that we were from some news agency and might be shooting sensitive China events. In any case, we got through without any problem. I guess the security guard believed my story.

My friends are the stars I don't see but are always there. - Anonymous