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Productivity Tip

Productivity blogs are overwhelming in of themselves.

Do I really need to “Shave one minute off of my email reading?” or find “5 ways to save 5 minutes a day”?

I think not.

Come on people. If you "shave" a minute off your day what will you do with all that extra time, read another productivity tip? Think of the time you'd save if you stopped reading productivity tips altogether.

This is not to say I don't try to save time myself.

For example, sometimes I forget to check my clothes before I put them on, but then discover the wrinkles. It takes too much time to take them off, iron them, and put then back on. I'm a busy guy.  So I just iron them in place.

Now there's a real productivity tip for you. I bet you'll never hear THAT on LifeHacker.

Actually, I have quite a few "life shortcuts" I'd be willing to share.

(To save you time reading this tip, I simply took a picture. See! Look at the time you've saved!)

LifeHacker should hire me.

I am not lazy. I'm just reducing my carbon footprint.  - Dave Terry

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