Sunday, December 23, 2012


I love to go up to the lake and enjoy the sunshine. Even though it's winter here, the warm sun makes it feel like springtime. People are out everywhere walking, talking, playing, sketching, and . . . taking pictures.

Everywhere I look I see guys (mostly guys) with big Nikons or Canons around their necks. Some have lenses that cost $5,000. They are hunting birds.

Streams of birds come down to our city (southern China) from Russia to hang out here and avoid the harsh winters. They have been coming for years. They settle down into the small lakes and eat the bread tossed by the little children.

There are few railings along the water's edge to protect the children from falling in, although I've never seen it happen. I am surprised that I don't see more accidents.

But the kids romp and play along the edge swinging their arms out over the water to send a little bread morsel to the waiting birds.

The picture you see here is simply a water mirror turned upside down.

My house is child proof but somehow they still get in. -Anon