Thursday, December 27, 2012

Construction Everywhere

Nothing stays the same. Our city is in constant flux.

Construction is everywhere. I believe China has decided to move into the 21st century within ten years.  Streets, buildings, avenues, signs, stores, are all changing, all under construction.

Some entire buildings are being destroyed. Others are being gutted and resurfaced and new windows and doors added. New sewage and water mains are placed into trenches in the streets to feed the upward growth. Even subways are added in the gaping holes. The goal of which is to move the people that will later inhabit these huge structures.

The building you see in the distance was started only two months ago. Now it's a 20 story framework of steel, ready for glass walls.

Fast Construction

After the construction of the roads are finished I suppose it'll all be better, but now it's a nightmare. Instead of tackling one avenue at a time our city decided to do them all at the same time. Go figure.

Knotted traffic of twists and detours are now expected by the car and moped drivers. Even though they are used to it, it doesn't get any easier to navigate. If fact, it's harder. What was once a main road becomes blocked the next day. The entire city traffic must be routed around it to get through.

Three-point Turns

In our city people can do three-point turns anywhere, even in construction zones, even between blocks, regardless of where they are, anytime they want. Even busses do three-point turns in the middle of the block. Motorists, mopeds, bicyclists, people on foot, and vendors with push carts simply stream around them, in front and behind, as the bus inches back and forth. It's insanity.

When will it all end? Not too sure. I've heard that there is another two years to go. Yikes.

Some days it's just to much for me to navigate. Today I came home early. I just couldn't take another detour.

Some days it's just not worth chewing through the leather straps. -Anon