Saturday, January 29, 2005

Ice Storm

We woke up this morning to an ice storm. It�s nice to be inside on days like this. I peeked outside and found an ice rink in my driveway. Icicles have formed everywhere. It looks like the plants and bushes outside have been over-sprayed with varnish. They are dripping frozen water.

Iced Lanai

Table icicles

Fortunately we had sleet last night. This is basically ice rain that doesn�t stick to the trees or power lines. This morning though it�s raining. There�s about � of inch of ice on the power lines and trees. The news said that when it gets to � inch these begin failing. It looks like this will last all of today, until 4:00 p.m.

Home Alone stairs

I know Ruth has all kinds of plans for me today. She�s got five gallon buckets of paint prepared. I think that means I�ll be kind of busy today. Rats, I was hoping for some reading by the fire.

Our two-story entry way needs painting. The guys that built the porch punched holes through the inside to reposition the lights on the outside. The holes are patched but not painted. Now, at least, our interior matches my desk.

Because we have such a high ceiling in the entryway I need our 24 foot extension ladder. Trouble is I left the 24 foot ladder outside last night and now it�s coated in ice. I guess I will not be able to paint today. I was really looking forward to it you know.

Yeah, I know I could pull it inside and let it dry out while I have breakfast.

I might do that. I need to think about it.

A lot of problems arise from workers who don't think, and from thinkers who don't work.