Thursday, May 12, 2005


Why is everyone in such a big hurry? Where's the fire? Why is everyone driving as if they are in an Armageddon movie? They cut and slice lanes like a turkey carver at a family dinner. The drivers behind them break and dodge these maniacs but they don't have the car handling ability the crazies have.

Just yesterday two semi-truck trailers overturned. Slow down folks!

I've avoided these guys so far. They whip around me and jump right back in to a single car link just ahead, sometimes just in front of me.

Last night I saw a guy doing about 85 went slicing through traffic like a sailboat in the sea. He drifted through four lanes, from right to left. Everyone behind him braked. From afar you you see the break lights flick on and then off as he entered and exited each car lane. When he sliced through several lanes you could see them light up in a row, right to left, then left to right.

Where is he going?

He's not unique. Just this morning I saw a similar scene. Some van was going too slow for one driver, so he sped ahead, breaked, and shot back in front of the snail.

Are we really that rushed? Are we really so disorganized and unplanned that we need to jeopardize everyone's life to get there?

Cool your jets.

I think God's going to come down and pull civilization over for speeding. -Steven Wright