Friday, May 13, 2005

"Teeth like to touch."

As I got up from the dental chair the hygienist said: "Teeth like to touch." She was explaining that my crown would seek it's position against the other teeth around it. She said that teeth "float" in the gums, "seeking their neighbors."

It almost sounded poetic to me. I thought: People are a lot like that too. They each "float" within their individual boundaries. Yet, they touch others in direct or sometimes subtle ways.

One of our secretaries also used to be a hygienist. People would always complain about brushing and flossing their teeth. "Do I have to brush and floss EVERY day?" They'd ask her. "No" she'd answer, "brush only the ones you want to keep."

Friendships take maintenance too. Without proper care, you'll lose them too I suppose. You only have to maintain the ones you want to keep.

"Teeth like to touch." "Brush the ones you want to keep." I like that.

I guess, in the case of a dog with VERY bad halitosis, his bark WOULD be worse than his bite. -Dave Terry