Sunday, June 26, 2005

Wild Cat

Every time Snickers (our cat) comes around he puts his paws on my jeans to get my attention. I'm not always sure what his intent is. He just kind of gives me that "brrrruuuppp" sound. I think it's just attention he wants. Trouble is, his claws are growing. They are more like eagle talons. After touching my jeans with his paw, he'll get one of his claws stuck and then hang there by a single claw, trying to pull himself away. They are out of control.

We've tried to cut them ourselves but have been very unsuccessful. Ruth brought him in to the veterinarian who also had much difficulty. He usually does it for free with a check up, but with Snickers he charged us $20. Believe me, it was worth every penny. He becomes a Bengal tiger if we try it. More power to the vet if he does it.

So it came as a big surprise when I walked into the living room to find Eric and Ruth attempting to clip his claws. Eric had him bound in a striped towel wedged between his legs while Ruth was taping up his paws with clear package tape. Snickers was growling like a tiger, ears back and mouth open. He was seething. If he were a snake, he would have already bitten them and they'd have both been dead.

It looked like they needed a hand. When I put my right hand around Snickers neck, it felt like a rock. I next grabbed his right front leg. It was as stiff as a piece of iron from a construction site. Eric grabbed his muzzle but Snickers was quick and recoiled. He lunged forward and bit him. Meanwhile Ruth was still snipping some tape to cover his rear foot. We hadn't even started yet!

It was like trying to brand a steer. We were three cowboys (well two anyway, and a cowgirl) wrestling a steer to the ground and roping it. The cat was just going to get a nail clipping NOT a branding but he was going to break something, with all his writhing, before we could get the first claw trimmed.

Well, before you could say "rodeo" he got a foothold against the couch and shot out of the towel like a rock from a catapult (no pun intended, get it? CATapult). Of course, he was still all taped up so he went quick stepping and sliding with his taped foot on our hardwood floors. It was pointless. Once he bounded off there weren't no way us cowhands were going to corner him without getting ourselves maimed or killed in the process.

I think I'll just throw him outside all day tomorrow and force him to naturally trim them himself by climbing trees. Or maybe I'll just call the vet. Heck, I'll give him $40 if that's what it'll take.

"A cat sees no good reason why it should obey another animal, even if it does stand on two legs." -Sarah Thompson