Thursday, July 07, 2005

Airline Foodless

It used to be that I complained about airline meals. Now I complain about the lack of meals, because they don't supply any food these days. You have to bring your own.

Yesterday, before we got on our flight, we each went to get a sandwich. Never mind the simple food items we bought cost us $24, the lack of service was appalling.

For example, I waited in a line for 30 minutes to give them my order, a juice and sandwich. I was able to read a novel while waiting in line. When I ordered my juice I had to wait still longer while they blended it. When she was done she yelled out "number 15" but I had number 14, so I waited. Yet, there was no one claiming the drink. I waited and finally told her that the drink must be for me, but she said shook her head and walked away. She yelled out the number again. I waited another five minutes and then showed her my ticket. She reluctantly handed me the drink. It was now 40 minutes since I first got into the line. The airline was boarding, and the ticket agent now had grey hair.

Of course, the insult was how much I paid for this lousy service, $7 for the sandwich, $4 for the drink, and another $3 for the scone. At this rate the food will eventually cost more then my flight. At that point I'm just going to make phone calls to my relatives or just send them cards.

When we got into the air, we did receive what they call a "snack pack." This is a little box of three peanuts and a cracker, not enough dinner for even an insect. Later on, they came through again with just a "snack." (it's not called a "snack pack" because this one doesn't have the cracker.) It is just a few peanuts in a 3 inch by 3 inch packet. They did offer a drink, but come on, I didn't need a drink. How could I get thirsty after eating just three peanuts?

I don't think the airline will ever provide full meals again, but if they did, I wouldn't complain.

Most airline food tastes like warmed-over chicken because that's what it is.