Wednesday, September 28, 2005

Disaster communications

I was listening to NPR about what should be done in the event of a disaster for communications. Some guy interviewed said that if they charged $1 per month for three to four months, there would be enough money to buy disaster communication equipment.

What this means is a simple drop of a bunch of phones and a cell tower. "It's been talked about for years." said the interviewee. "Now we just got to put the do-it to it!" Hey, I like that!

That reminded me of another great quote some months ago about "pork barrel politics" going on. There was much discussion about what projects got funded and which ones didn't. The interviewee said it all depended on who contributed to what political group. They then switched to talking about representatives from various governments in foreign countries that really don't do much they are just "wined, dined and pocket lined."

Anyway, technology is never the issue. It's always politics. Even in big business.

Put the do-it to it! (I know I can use this somewhere.)

Wined, dined, and pocket lined.

I love this stuff!

Truth is not determined by majority vote.  ~Doug Gwyn