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Stressed plants bloom

While having coffee this morning I overheard a discussion about plants and stress. The direct quote was: "Well, you know, stressed plants bloom."

The quote came from a guy that grows orchids. He should know. They are hard to keep alive. He said that if you have a plant that is doing poorly, place it in the corner and forget about it. He says his friend does this with his plants. The corner is by the door AND the trash can. I guess this gives the plant a subtle hint.

This got me thinking, I wonder if people are like plants? If so, I should be blooming soon. I'm working for a fool, my cube has been down sized, and my "personal comfort is never a factor." Wuhoo! It's time to start blooming. Can't be long now. I think I can see the door.

There is peace and rest and comfort in sorrow. - Soren Kiekegaard (Danish Philosopher, 1813-1855)

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