Saturday, December 24, 2005

Jellyfish Lunch

After the study and service we got invited over a Chinese family's home for lunch. Things were going well for us until I asked what was in the delicious dish I was eating.

"Oh, that's zhe." (pronounced jha) she said. Then turning to her son she asked what this word was in English.

"Jellyfish" the son said.

Hmmm, yeah that's great stuff. I've never had jellyfish before. Hopefully, it's not the poisonous kind. Come to think of it, I'm AM feeling a little tingly.

It has the consistency of noodles but it looks clear. It is fairly tasteless. She had mixed it up with thinly sliced cucumbers and served it cold.

Marty, her husband made grilled pork after first soaking it in milk. Other dishes included a cold dish of celery and peanuts, a piping hot plate of dumplings (Jiaozi), and a spicy hot plate of peppers and shrimp. It was awesome.

Afterward we all talked about the keys to learning new languages. Marty has the most difficulty with English and our Chinese isn't what we want it to be (Women de zhongwen buhao.). Jeff, their friend, had a suggestion for learning more Chinese when we visit China in April. He suggested taking to the streets and talking with the locals from sun up to sun down. He gave the illustration: "If you want to cross the stream you've got to get wet, you have to dive in. You'll never get across if you try to keep your clothes dry. You'll meet people that are rude and brush you off. You can't fear rejection. If you are afraid to be embarrassed, your Chinese will never get better."

Next study with them will have to be completely in Chinese.

I'm looking forward to it but I don't know if they are.

My life is based on a true story.