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A Free Polish

There's always a Borders near me. Sometimes I go there to sketch.

I like going to the one near my work place. That Borders is located on the second floor. I have to take an escalator to get to the main floor. There are two double wide doors at the bottom with racks of inexpensive blank sketch journals just inside. But that's not why I like going there.

I like the escalator. I like riding the escalator. I like riding the escalator because there are brushes just above the treads of the moving metal stairway. The brushes keep junk from falling into the edges of the moving stairs. I guess that's what they're for. But I don't care. I just use them to polish my penny loafers.

I don't think people realize that one trip to Borders will give you a free shine. It's great. I try to do it nonchalant so people don't think I'm some homeless freeloader looking for a free shine. I don't even have to look down. I can feel the brushes against my right shoe on the way up. I do the left one on the way down when I leave.

Borders has everything: books, magazines, music, coffee, and a free polish.

Well not everything. They still charge for the Internet. But I'm working on them. Someday they'll offer wireless for free too. That would be the ultimate.

Then I'll never have to go home.

Draft beer; not people. ~Author Unknown

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