Thursday, July 27, 2006

Moleskine Tabs Hack

I'm big on Moleskines. They are fantastic. I carry a Blackberry but there is a unique appeal to the pen and paper. I carry it everywhere.

I used to put Post-it book mark tabs in them as place markers. Then it dawned on me to create my own tabs. Using an Xacto knife, label maker and patience I created custom tabs. This is my little Moleskine hack.

Counting about 12 pages for each tab works out to about 8 tabs. Each tab is three lines wide with the last two tabs using up two lines. (You can create your own number of tabs if you make your label text short.) If you use plastic label material, your labeled tabs will not become discolored with wear.

Too lazy to make your own tabbed book? Write me and I'll make one for you. Include the text for your 8 tabs. I'll mail the finished customized book anywhere in the U.S.

A Zebra F-301 clipped to the cover completes the always-available little writing package.

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